Thursday, March 29, 2012

Which Concealer is Best for Your Spots?

How many of you have clear skin? I mean perfectly clear skin, the kind that you wear without a makeup mask when you walk out the door? The kind of skin that looks more photoshopped than a L'Oreal or Armani ad? I'm guessing 99% of you reading it A) don't have this sort of skin, and B) don't know anyone over the age of fourteen who does. And guess what? It's okay. Even with a flawless beauty routine, our skin is the victim of our lifestyle, our genetics, and our environment. Acne, lack of sleep, sun, and age all work together to make our skin look less than its best. Luckily, one of makeup's many tricks is covering the spots and pigment inconsistencies on our skin. While a simple foundation can do the trick for the most minor of blemishes, sometimes we want a little (or a lot) more coverage. Not all of these 'imperfections' are created equally, and for a really perfect look, they shouldn't all be correctively covered equally. So, what kind of concealer works for what problem? To answer this problem, we use the color wheel.

To minimize redness, go with a green concealer

I have awful acne (and awful acne scars), so I can tell you this from experience: foundation (or neutral concealer) usually won't give you the coverage you really want. For bad redness, nothing beats a mint green concealer like Physician's Formula Conceal Rx™ Physicians Strength Concealer

To warm up bluish-purple spots, pick a yellow concealer

Bruises, dark acne scars, and dark circles under your eyes can really throw you off your game. A yellow concealer can really help, but make sure it's not too bright; try to pick one with a slightly orange tinge to achieve the best results.

To perk up sallow skin, grab a light purple concealer

Sure, putting purple on your face seems a little weird, but as long as it's a light color it can REALLY even out those yellow tones. Think of it as the converse of yellow concealer. It can take care of those yellow bruises with no problem! A lavender concealer is especially important for those of us with yellow or olive skin colors; when your skin is looking sallow or those under-eye circles are more yellow than bluish, this is your best answer.

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