As a biochemistry major and former ugly duckling (who still isn't exactly a swan princess), I realize that you don’t need to give up looks for books. As a college student, I realize that beauty should be like so many smart girls in nature: practical and economical. While I value the concepts of minimalism and natural living, I admittedly am only willing to take each so far; this blog is about balancing indulgence, frugality, simplicity, and wellness as to maximize the quality of life as a modern human being.

My goal is to compile and critique the latest health and beauty trends and articles while providing my take on new and effective products. The modern woman may be balancing motherhood, work, school, and/or an active social life. I believe that these are the things time and money should be devoted to when possible, and I truly believe that it is possible without putting your well-being and beauty as an afterthought.

Genetics, lifestyle, and upkeep - we can only influence the latter two. Remember this: the smart girl respects her elders. So don’t try to outsmart mother nature; channel her beauty instead.

The Educated Beauty is PR Friendly!

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