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One of The Educated Beauty's main features is product reviews. Generally, our reviews are 300-750 words based on the nature of the product, with heavy attention paid to the quality of the product. If you would like your product to be featured in a review on our site, contact us at Please provide the following information:

Business name:
Main website:
Email address:
Product/service you wish to be reviewed:
Website or social networking links to be included in review:
Keywords describing your product (for search engine):
Desired date of review publication:

If you choose to have us review your products, you may also choose to opt for a giveaway. Alongside a review, giveaways are the optimal way to get your product attention from readers. As long as the price of your product exceeds $10, the giveaway will be free of charge to you and run for two weeks. The giveaway product is not to be sent to the blog author; it may be sent directly to winner, whose information will be provided to you at the termination of the contest.

Product reviews and giveaways will remain on the site for its duration. If you prefer for us to choose the product for review, please inform us in your email. Our reviews are fair and will include three or more images of your product stationary and in use. We understand the importance of your product to you and will handle any review or giveaway with the utmost respect and gratitude.

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