Sunday, June 3, 2012

The 28 Days of Self-Improvement Project(s)

Here at The Educated Beauty, we love to do our research about health, beauty, and wellness. Unfortunately, we're just as much human as we are scientist, so we don't always follow the lifestyle that we know we should. We've done a lot of self-improvement projects to obtain a healthy, practical lifestyle; some stick and some don't, and it's usually all about timing and motivation. Recently, a family member we have tons of respect for made an incredible lifestyle change that inspired us to change our own in a way we've never been inspired before. We'd love to share our journey with you, but we also wanted introduce a new aspect to this site: four week self-improvement projects that are small and manageable enough for everyone.

Why four weeks? Depending upon where you look, it's said to take between 2-6 weeks to develop a habit. Two weeks is just too short to be sure, and six weeks seems like a long time to commit; four weeks, on the other hand, is just enough to get you into the groove without feeling too daunting. While you can make resolutions to change your life for the better any time of year, it is infinitely easier to feel optimistic during the sunny summer than in the dreary winter. And if you think you want to make a permanent change after your 28-day trial run, your habits (and willpower) will be fortified by the time the tempting winter holidays arrive.

Starting everything at once can be intimidating, but for those who like to throw themselves in to new habits, we'll be introducing a new, worthwhile one each day. In addition, we'll update daily (or every other day) about our progress for each goal. We're working ourselves into the Paleo Diet--while it's our ultimate goal, we're crafting our self-improvement projects to be attainable for anyone with a healthy lifestyle.

We'd love to hear your own progress each day or whenever possible-- reaching goals is easier with a support group. Feel free to start each "mini-program" whenever you'd like; there's no time table, and we'll be checking in regularly!

Tomorrow: Project #1: Get Hydrated

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