Saturday, April 28, 2012

Swagbucks: Why You Should Be Using Them

We've all seen dozens of rewards programs online. Some seem too good to be true (they are), some require you to fill out obnoxiously long surveys just to earn a few cents, and some entice you to make major purchases you don't need just for "points." After searching far and wide, there seems to be very few rewards programs online that are legitimately exciting and worthwhile. The exception to this rule? Swagbucks, a favorite of mommy bloggers and young adults alike.

Show me the numbers!
Let's look at ways to earn points and the amount of points it takes to earn a reward.
A $25 PayPal gift card is 3,215 SB (that's Swag Bucks)

One time opportunities:
For signing up, you get 30 SB

Daily reward opportunities:
For watching a one-minute video: 2 SB
For answering a quick poll: 1 SB
For searching using the Swagbucks toolbar: ~5-10 SB

So, if this is all you do over the course of a year, it would take approximately 300 days to earn this reward. I'm willing to bet this wouldn't be worth your time, even if it only took three minutes a day, total.

So, what makes it worth my while?
Do you shop? Do you use coupons? If the answer is yes, then Swagbucks is a way to cash in more than ever on your coupon-cutting. Swagbucks is affiliated with, one of the most popular coupon-clipping sites on the web. Via the Swagbucks website, you can clip-and-print the coupons available on Alternatively, you can register your Savings Card from stores like Giant Eagle and send the coupons straight to that card, eliminating the fuss and cost of printing. When you use these coupons, your Swagbucks account is automatically credited (although you need to allow 8-12 weeks for processing). You receive 10 SB per coupon used. This means that you're compounding your coupon savings with a totally free rewards program... completely hassle-free.

Swagbucks also allows you to earn points with deals that include liking a company on Facebook or entering codes from events like their Music Bracket. It's a really easy site to navigate and even has a games section, where you can apparently earn points as you play for free. For a major boost of points, check their special offers each day; they're diverse enough that, after a while, you'll find a deal on a product or service you've been waiting to buy anyway. And if you're feeling lucky, there are even sweepstakes you can enter, using SBs as entries.

Bottom line: Any online reward program will take time to show benefits, and you can't expect to win prizes overnight. But if you use coupons from sites like, Swagbucks offers you extra rewards without hassle.

Beyond being a new member of Swagbucks, I am in no way affiliated with the program. They did not request me to write a review, nor am I being compensated for this review. I simply enjoy the site and think you will too.

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